My IQ is equivalent to that of a third grader

At 69. Paradoxical that I know paradoxical. Not many third graders know that word.


You seem smart to me.

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Nowadays your IQ is based on a comparison to those of the same age/age range as you.

I had an IQ of 125 when I was tested at University in 2012

When I did a test recently, it was 85

That doesn’t make any sense…having an IQ of a 3rd grader. Plenty of 3rd graders have very high IQ’s.

69 is equivalent to someone with intellectual disabilities… grade school level is irrelevant.


My shoe size and my IQ are the same number. Makes it easy to remember.


I am sure sz lowered my IQ considerably. My grades in university went down from like A- to C+ or B but somehow I never failed a class and I graduated. Though I didnt have the grades to specialize or do master.

My grades started dropping at the end of college. Highest grades were in college science, math/physics/chemistry 95+% average. I failed French twice but third time I got the best grade in my class, 86% average.

I am 100% sure that the meds and negative symptoms lowered my grades.

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A 69 IQ means the person has an intellectual disability. Third graders don’t all have a low intellectual ability. In face many are very intelligent. The testing for a child is different than the testing for an adult.

I should rephrase my mental ability is on average with most 3rd grader or 10 years old.

Maybe I am intellectual disabled? The psychologist who did my IQ test had my school reports and in that webpage I post it stays its impossible to fake ID. I thought I faked everything.

Recently seen a new psychologist and she wrote in report that I did indeed have a intellectual disability and also lack capacity with my finances.

I still have thoughts I faked everything.

Typical AP’s totally destroy any creativity I have. Geodon and Seroquel have some disconcerting side effects, but at least I am not a zombie when I am on them.

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You seem very lucid and intelligent to me. I think that IQ can vary among us sz’s. I’m very skeptical that you have an IQ of just 69. I think IQ is over rated anyway.


My iq is always. 124.

Yea hmm have you ever had a job or are you on disability? I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you get disability enjoy it! Like everybody’s different. I don’t judge people based on IQ I don’t think anybody should. Also your vocabulary is not bad if that is your IQ. IQ is basically just some psychologist know it all testing ■■■■■■■■ anyway I’ve met a lot of idiots with high IQ scores!!

We have no control over how intelligent we are. It’s down to the environmental & genetic lottery of life. It’s what we do with what we’ve got that marks us as good and worthy people or not.

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