My illness is the sever type of mental illness

there is no antipsychotic made so far that can make me symptom free. the most scary symptom which is delusion, i have it under control with a low dose, the rest of my symptoms are with me 24hrs. and there is no medication that can treat it…I believe my treatment med. is the supplements I just haven’t discovered yet. but overall with symptoms every single day I am able to carry normal life, most of my symptoms are prominent when I am alone and not watching TV,

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I’m sorry you get no relief from this. It amazing what we can put up with and accomplish despite what we have to fight off.

Delusions also knock me down sometimes and it takes a lot of work to get back to logical thinking for me. I don’t watch T.V. I got rid of it ages ago, but I do have a hard time being alone for any real length of time.

I am med compliant and some of my symptoms come and go. Some are with me all the time. But I’ll take what I can get.

I hope you find the right supplement combo that offers you some relief. I’m rooting for you.


I disagree I mean I don’t believe its possible for an SZ person to still have symptoms despite all medications. Its up to you how much of a zombie you want to feel. Increase the dose your symptom may vanish but so may a part of you that you like.

ECT really worked for me. We had tried every med combo except Clozaril and I was still really psychotic. The ECT also makes your body more sensitive to the meds. Right now I’m on 200mg of Seroquel and 4mg of Risperdal because we’re decreasing them to add Latuda. I used to be on 1200mg of Seroquel and 8mg of Risperdal. It’s funny when I was getting my first round of treatments of ECT in the hospital I went from seeing demons to seeing angels. The pdoc saw this as me improving. When I got out of the hospital I was outside of a store and saw a cop car drive past. I started to cry because it was the first time seeing one and not thinking they were recording my thoughts or coming to get me. I’ve been getting maintenance treatments for over two years now. You should talk to your pdoc about it. Good luck to you. :sunny:


I would be careful with ECT. I admit to not knowing much about it and perhaps it’s worked wonders for some people but all I know is that I met a guy in my mid 20’s who had undergone ECT treatments in college for clinical depression and it was the greatest regret of his life. He managed to graduate with a degree from Harvard which got him nowhere as he remembered nothing of his academic career. His long term memory was greatly effected by the ECT and despite having a degree from Harvard he was working in landscaping when I met him as his entire time spent at college was a complete blank. So just know that there is a risk of this kind of amnesia.

My symptoms are rare except the delusion. No one have it and no psychiatrist understand. I was diagnosed psychotic disorder nos, and than schizoaffective, but the pdoc that labeled me SZA he never seen me psychotic, i told him about my mood issues, upon those i was labeled SZA. But with supplements i haven’t had mood issues for over a month and i am on 1.75mg risperdone, my diagnoses will be clear after my neurotransmitters are balanced with supplements and than i will reduce my med, if i get mood issues again than i will agree with the doc that he diagnosed me accurately.

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Is it the just one delusion you have, or are your delusions recurring? Why no psychiatrist understand? Doctors aren’t perfect that is why they make multiple diagosis or is it because your mental condition changed? Yeah balanced that is what you need. 1.75mg rispy plus your saying you have a rare delusion?? In conclusion talk with your doctors seriously about increasing your dose because your are experiencing the delusion.

What is the particular delusion? If you are okay with posting about it, unless you have posted it here somewhere already…
There are also a few 'delusions" that are considered delusions by psychiatry but are not really delusions.
I know things like believing you are Jesus Christ, or king/queen of the world are delusions, but some things are not.
I had one counselor tell me as long as I didnt think I was Jesus I was ok, and something about it was ok to be king of the world because I might do better than most politicians LOL… they were joking of course.

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Have you really tried every single medication?

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within 8 years I had became delusional just once, my medication keeps my delusion under control. soon I will reduce it, I think I can be delusion free even if I take just 1mg risperdone. what I mean by except delusion is, delusion is the only schizo symptom I have that the medication controls it, the rest of the symptoms are train of thoughts, wondering mined, analyzing every thought pops up in my mind and this symptoms are constant. the only time my brain goes to rest is when the sunset kick in, or in the morning and when it is cloudy and there is no sun, but once the sun shines my symptoms starts. and there is no medication that treat this condition. I don’t have hallucinations, disorganize thoughts, catatonic behavior or any negative symptoms. two psychiatrist diagnosed me as psychotic disorder NOS and one as SZA, but he is not sure if I am SZA or not but he wrote down SZA anyways.

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I’m curious…could you tell us what’s your delusion? I like hearing other’s people delusions :smile:

Persecutory delusions

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That’s the least type of delusions plus it’s common even among non-SZ, you are lucky, don’t feel bad about it…I had much much worse than that, but I’m living fine :smile: look for Capgras…it will confuse you for real.

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These types of “delusions” are common and it is true, many non SZ people have them…IF they are delusions. Depending on what the particular details are it is possible they are not delusions at all.
Another thing that happens is there will be real events…example…someone watching you, and that is real but a person might read into it more than it really is.
A black SUV parked on the road by my property that drove away when I went outside and began to approach. The Men in Black! The shadow govt! Possibly, but I cannot prove that. It’s also possible it was just someone looking at rural properties that just happened to have a black SUV and did not want to talk to people so took off when they saw me.

That’s great that ECT worked for you SunGirl. I’ve done a little research and it seems to be a hit or miss for some people. I don’t think it would help me, and I’m glad it was never recommended or suggested. The medications took care of my symptoms over time. Also, CBT has helped a ton and just forcing myself to read books and think positive thoughts.

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ECT was a godsend for me. I had tried so many drugs and nothing was working. I’m glad you’re doing well. CBT is really helping me too. I learned some new techniques for my anxiety and some coping skills for the psychosis. :sunny:

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