Reducing delusions

What antipsycotic medication is most effective on reducing delusions?

I’m feeling good on Invega (Xeplion in EU)

What delusions did you have?

Were they “severe”?

Yeah, I thought I was god, that my friends and family were trying to kill me, that I had the assignment of making the revolution work, that the whole existence (universe, peoples lives) happened because of me, amongst other stuff I don’t really remember that good


Wow, were you also cheerfull or were you terrified?

I assume that when you have this type of delusions one is not as horrified or distressed, more at ease maybe compared to if one has strict persecutionary delusions. Was it more/less difficult for you to reach insight having grandious delusions you think?

I was excited, since I discovered i was god eheh… But I thought someone was trying to destroy the universe by killing me so that put me under a lot of stress

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How did you reach insight and eventually started to question your delusions?

The delusions started fading a few months after the hospitalization, and the insight of my illness just came a year later. I was too self stigmatized to accept I have sz.

Was it the meds or psycotherapy or a combination of both?

Also, do you remember what drugs they put you on in the beginning?

Do you have any positive symptoms now?

The meds, i’m not doing any psychoterapy atm. They put me on zyprexa and xeplion. No symptoms of major worry, sometimes a little paranoia when I’m stress, but nothing serious.

But the docs will surely prescribe the meds they see fit for your friend. Each case is unique

Thanks for answering my questions. I just fear that he will not be compliant to treatment because he belives the delusions so much. But then again, he has only been in treatment for a week and I am not sure if they have properly started with the meds, i think they are in the process of evaluating what really is wrong and experimenting.
I just want my friend back!

How are you doing today if i may ask, do you study or work or are you active in any other way?

I’m starting school again in october, I dont work right now. I usually say I’m on vacation, but I felt I had to rest for a few months after the psychosis

youre a female right? i think xeplion is better for females because the main hormone that is playing a role in the injection of xeplion is prolactin and its a female hormone so it works together alot better for females to whom the hormone is natural. im not really feeling good on xeplion very apathetic, anhedonic and unmotivated. how do you feel on it, do you have the same anhedonia?

yeah, I’m a female :smile: didn’t know that about the hormone.

I’m feeling pretty good, I don’t have anhedonia actually, that sucks, sorry about that. On the higher dose I felt really apathetic but my doc lowered my dose a couple of months ago so not so much right now. I’m actually a bit worried cause I felt a bit manic a few days ago, not sure if I should worry about that.

Good for you!

How does it feel to BE IN and to just have COME OUT of a psycosis? Is it tough on the body psysically like becoming tired or i is it more like the soul and mind has to rest?

what dosage are you on right now? how long have you been on xeplion? have you gained any weight while taking this medicine?

To come out is like to wake up from a really ■■■■■■ up dream. To be in is like to be on an acid trip that doesn’t end.

Yeah I was really tired, physically and mentally and spiritually

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I’m on 75mg, started on 150mg a year ago, then 100mg now 75mg. I gained a few 15kg but I was anorexic so its ok.

Did you gain weight?