If you had delusions (poll)

Did your delusions go away on their own, without using antipsychotic meds?

  • Yes
  • No, had to use antipsychotics to get rid of them
  • No, I’m still having them (resistant to antipsychotics)

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I found out (after talking with my relatives) that apparently I had some strange delusional beliefs, but they went away before I went to the mental hospital and got antipsychotics for the first time.

I’m not resistant to antipsychotic meds. But I still have what others would call delusions.

Me too - I sometimes still have delusions but with AP’S they are less convincing - they usually come more when I’m stressed.

By “resistant to antipsychotics” I meant the delusions are resistant to antipsychotics. I should have made that more clear.

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I’m on Invega and rarely have delusions, only during panic attack that sky-rockets my dopamine.

Persistent delusions for over 25 years. Takes an AP boosted by Amyloban 3399 to remove them. My symptoms have been in remission for most of the last year unless stressed.

No delusions after a relapse and switching from fluonxol to risperidone. I respond well to antipsychotics and have no breakthrough symptms.

My voices are the only reason I had delusions. Now that they are gone I don’t have any.

Edit; they also ran their course and I figured out that they were not real

I’m resistant to aps. They never work for me.

I’m not convinced I’m delusional cause I believe that I can prove it mathematically but they said that was also delusional and the fact that I’m seeking answers to prove my delusions are real that just feeds into me being a schizo. Lol that hit me hard back when that conversation first happened. Lol meds never changed anything and I hallucinate more than ever now but I’m out of things to try cause I’ve been resistant to everything so I’m not on anything now so yea I guess I’m still delusional lol


Mine were resistant to AP’s for many years. But, I still believe in them sort of in that I’m not actively having delusions of reference anymore, but I believe the ones I did have were real.

Maby clozapine over a slow period of time will help, for some the meds take a really long time

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they work for most problem is they take a long time to work atleast 3 months to get full effect and for some even longer.

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I’ve been on AP’s for many, many years now.

do they make a difference

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@MisterCrowley, yes they do! I used to get terrible thought insertions and thought broadcasting paranoia. All that is gone today. I used to get hallucinations in all sensory spheres. All gone today. I used to get daily delusions of reference and associated grandiose and paranoid delusions. Not anymore. I’d say it’s all working.

thats fantastic can only get better fro m here sounds like your in remission

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Yes I am. And I have been for the last almost four years! Thank you.

thats cool been in remission now for a year only

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That’s wonderful!!! I hope it lasts a long time for you too.