My ill friend :(

ok, I asked her today on the phone why she doesn’t speak. and she got angry to that. yeah, I am not easy. but she blocked me from facebook. I amalone now and my soul hurts a lot, its heavy there…I am fed up, really

It could be that your friend is going through a tough time. Try using patience. Friends are worth cultivating.

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yeah but I am tired too… I am alone now at my apart and I don’t see the issue anymore. my brain is in total mess.

Sometimes when we’re tired it is the best time to put forth effort, no matter how hard it is. Try not to break off with your friend. You want to hang on to your friends.

yes,ok. that’s what I do in fact, I try to remain kind and not to lose her but she is too rude also per moments I find. or maybe its my mistake.
I have this dumbness un the brain 2 hours after taking my dosage, not a nice thing. maybe, the trick is not to worry :slight_smile:

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I can count the number of people who stuck with me through the hard times on one hand and still have a digit left. well if I only count the living ones anyway. The dead way out number the living at this point…

My Roommate
My late GFs brother who is like a big bro to me
and of course my Half sister from my bio dad who had calls me twice a day to check on me, or at least has since she found out about me.

The dead ones are

My late GF
my moms dad
my stepdads mom
my dog growing up Princess
My cat growing up Ivan
and my late cousin Travis, who was killed in San Francisco, a random shooting about four years ago…

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