Haircuts and Anxiety

Hi peeps,

I hope you all have been doing well! :sunny:

…Just wondering if anybody gets anxious about haircuts.

Going to the salon is extremely nerve-wracking for me. I don’t do well with small talk, and I sometimes feel like I’m not even “worthy” enough to go to a salon in the first place… Like, I’m not “salon material” or something. It’s strange, I know.

Does anyone feel the same way?

Any tips or tricks on how to make it through a haircut?

Thanks! :dizzy:


Yeah, I use to have the worst panic attacks while sitting in the barbers chair. It was hard to appear normal, I usually couldn’t wait till it was over.

I ended up cutting my own hair. I bought a shaver and clips just like they had at the barber shop and taught myself to cut my own hair, I’ve seen the barber do it a million times. At first it turned out kinda odd, but I got better at it and now I do a pretty good job. In fact my dad and brother now get me to cut their hair too.

Problem solved. Plus I save money because I don’t have to shell out $20.00 every few months to get a hair cut.

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Yes, that’s exactly how I feel nowadays post-diagnosis when I get my hair cut.

I’ve never liked getting my hair cut, but now it’s even more anxiety-provoking.

That’s pretty awesome that you learned how to cut your own hair :slightly_smiling_face:. No small talk, and money saved!

I’ve resorted to cutting my own hair in the past-- nothing crazy, just a trim. But there’s tons of tutorials on YouTube for people who have long hair and want to cut it themselves.

Thanks for your reply, @Headspark :+1:

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Getting my hair cut is one of a few tasks which can still send me into a panic attack. I hate it. I don’t know why, but it causes a lot of internal stress.

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Yea, it’s suuuuper stressful for sure.

There’s also a certain vulnerability with being in the chair:

You have to trust that the stylist knows their shiit, and you’re kind of relinquishing control of your hair to another person for like, a whole hour.

…Maybe I’m just reading into it too much :sweat_smile:

Either way, I hear you.

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I get anxiety about strangers touching me. Haircuts are strange people in my space touching me. I try to have my wife buzz my hair instead as much as possible.

If you have to go out for cuts, having the same hairdresser that you’re familiar with can reduce anxiety.

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I don’t like haircuts either.

I’ve got a four hour cut and color coming up and I’m super not looking forward to it.

It’s got to be the feeling of being completely out of control and also having to do the small talk, seemingly forever.

I usually try to think of one thing I good at talking about for a while,

And weasel it into the conversation.

If you’re really bad at small talk and it’s going to be a long session,

I’d be straight with the stylist and tell her haircuts make you anxious and you’re not a big talker.

They get it.

They’re human people and probably don’t enjoy having to pretend to be interested in everything everyone says.

You’d honestly be doing them a favor so they can focus on their work.


I pick my scalp and it’s got a lot of scabs on it and it’s really embarrassing. For many years I didn’t get my hair cut and it just kept getting longer and longer. Well I don’t like long hair on me. I’ve known this girl who cuts hair for years. I used to work with her at the casino before she opened her salon. So I anxiously went to her and just explained my problem and she said it’s no big deal. But it’s still really anxiety provoking to go. Last time I went I had it all chopped off, I won’t have to go for a long time.

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I don’t really like going to hairdressers. I hear too many horror stories about people whose haircuts were botched or completely not what they wanted.

Plus the hairdressers always comment on my dandruff. I’m sorry, but dandruff shampoo is expensive, and doesn’t really work for me.

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I’m exactly the same way about haircuts. I don’t do small talk so it always feels awkward and I often don’t feel I deserve to look nice or get anything done to my appearance. Before a fee months ago I went 2 and a half years without cutting my hair. When I left the salon the hairdresser pointed to all the hair on the ground and said “do you want to take a small dog home with you” I thought that was funny

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i cut my hair myself because of this reason… i hate going to the hairdresser…


I just think well I am paying for this expensive haircut, so I should enjoy the haircut how I feel fit.

If that means giving short answers that’s okay…,

it is not a rude thing to do.

Sorry to hear that you don’t feel comfortable there, but you definitely deserve to go to a salon :relaxed:


Thanks for your replies @velociraptor, @goldenrex, @leafy, @Miika, @Owl82, @lekkerhondje, @Mae :dizzy:

It’s somewhat good to know we’re not alone when it comes to the whole “hairdresser” thing and getting our hair cut.

Hope you all are well and wishing you fabulous hair days to come :grin: :+1:


I hate small talk and can’t do it. I also don’t want to pay for a haircut when I can do it myself so I shave my head and beard. Problem solved! :grinning:

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