My goal in life past living working making ends meat and being happy

I hope one day to write a great memoir or many semi autobiographical books. I’ve said this before but now that my ptsd is gone I feel much better about writing a memoir. I think my life story is a fairly interesting one…


How did you overcome your ptsd?

I can’t say specifically without breaking the board rules. And it may be early to say. But errr an illegal drug that is getting attention for ptsd and depression treatment… Truly remarkable transforming life changing experiences. I think louiseg was thinking of getting the ketamine treatment. Errr it’s the best thing I’ve ever done since I figured out how to consume it without getting me sick anymore. My ptsd feels ZAPPED tbh. And honestly I never realized how bad my ptsd was until it’s gone for now at least…

Although I’m pretty manic today. I feel so much less vulnerable to stimuli it’s pretty incredible. Soooo much more confident. So many things.

Wow. Hopefully it continues to help you. I hope it’s whats becoming legal everywhere and not something harder than that.

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I was with my friend and I was “tripping” and it was a zone I was in. It was with my buddy who’s a real good guy. But it was as powerful as ten psychotherapy sessions id say. I could see how taking it with a therapist could be so helpful for ptsd. It’s seriously psychotherapy.

Honestly if I took ketamine before meds it wouldn’t have been good. Its the only drug that mixes with meds at all. I think I’m balanced from it. Need to lay off it for a while because of the mania but yeah I feel pretty incredible

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@Jonnybegood Start of with short stories; they’re much easier to write than a full on book.

If you can, piece them together and you got yourself a book.

You can self publish and sell your book on Amazon, no charge.

Kindle Create is a program that lets you format documents into eBooks (If that’s the format you want)

Good luck !

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