My gf kicked me to the kerb :(

I’m just trash to her :frowning: i need to get out more :frowning:

What happened ? Are you guys still together ?

she was really mean and saying lots of really bad ■■■■ so i was like ‘whatever’ and then she left me, :frowning:

I dont need the trouble tbh, i think i’m done with women now :slight_smile:

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Oh I’m sorry @mrhappy :confused:

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■■■■ happens, i dint ask for sz either but hey, you know, something good might come of it,

it could be worse i suppose :confused:

Relationships are pretty tricky even for normies. I gave up a long time ago.

Maybe she’ll apologise. Sounds like you’re owed one.

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she’ll have to try harder to get me back this time, i’m not going to go running to her, it was her fault and i’ve done loads for her, i didnt deserve it.


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