My Gawd - Help me

I have been on a design forum for the past couple days - I think

If I make one more thread or post - I will get blocked, banned and they will drink my blood and sacrifice me to their god.

It is ridiculous?!

Is this forum such a freakin heavenly nice place that I have lost sight of the world?
I feel like a fruit cake. No matter what I do - I am instantly bullied and mocked… ! HAH

I’m on a star wars forum and I just post once every few months. I’m more of a lurker there. But I’d hesitate to get more involved there, not sure why.

I can’t see why you’d get into trouble on another forum based on your posts here. Sounds like it might be a problem with the other posters there.


Yeah i am a graphic designer too but most designers are male douchbags - few nice people there. And since my english is like - not so good. I am not sure what they mean. I think someone called me Tina Turner - i am not sure what this means LOL but i won a contest

And then i made a thread with a link to another thread and the moderator was like - this is not allowed and closed it

Is this design forum important to you? Maybe you could wait a while, maybe lurk a while, and then post. If it is not important to you just blow them off and find a different design post. It’s their loss.

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Well i won 200$ and can win a lot more

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Sounds like jealousy from them then.

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Awesome! Keep playing them. Play them as long as you can.

Lol i am not gambling - but it is a creative outlet for me =) I just can not socialize with young vulgar men / I might change my account to a male…

Weird. Maybe make sure you read all the rules for posting on that forum before you do so you know for sure and won’t get banned.

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