I've got my man, my daugher, my parents, my friends, my blog followers, and right down to myself telling me to get off this site

one of these days it will sink in.

Yeah if I had a girlfriend I’d probably quit the site??? I think it’d be easy. But there’s be certain posters I’d miss. I’d probably try and stay in contact with.

you make it worthwhile, Jon.

Idk, I might be gone soon.

Just totally different attitudes, personalities, and opinions that don’t fly here.

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Is there an option to block certain posters? Think there should be especially since some posters may find each other triggering…I think it’s help a lot my satisfaction with this board.

I once was on a site that allowed blocking. It was heaven.

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Yeah I wouldn’t be offended. After all we all have sz and different reactions to personality types. It might be overused on this forum though.

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It would be like a deserted town in a Western film, just tumbleweeds and two gunmen.


Haha I was thinking the same. I wonder if there’s any good/very active normy forums out there that I have an interest in :thinking: I used to post on ESPN message boards and still would be if it weren’t for them shutting it down and making it like Facebook.

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When Johnny Depp was first getting a divorce I went back to The Johnny Depp Zone until it came out that he was beating his wife. :disappointed:

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Hipforums seems good. I used to post on gaiaonline but they got shut down. That was an anime forum but made for interesting general discussion.

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Abovetopsecret forum has a wide range of interests. Not sure how normy you would consider it though.

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@Daze the site is an easy way to communicate with other people who have sz-related illnesses like you.

I find it hard to communicate with people, in real life. I find it hard to communicate with people who are mentally different than me. but this site gives me the chance to chat with people just like me.

when I got banned, I really couldn’t find another site that was as cool as this site. the design is comforting and the ease of navigation is better than other sites.


I agree. It’s just I’m not sick anymore so some sick people rub me the wrong way. I’ve been under the impression for a while that normies are much more friendly than psychotic schizophrenics. And I used to think the exact opposite when I was sick. But any who , hip forums is right up my alley but it won’t let me post. I think I have to get approved. They have the best subgenres of ang forum I’ve seen. Albeit it is not a recovery based site, kinda like it dat way.

It’s good that you’ve recovered!

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If everyone is telling you to leave then it poses the question as to what about this site makes you stay?

Do you really want to know, or just throwing that question out there?

she’s a woman who feels insecurities of her own and won’t admit them.

she’s a woman who has never put herself out there to be judged or condemned.

she’s a woman who drops in without caring, and casts a final call without support for the person.

I don’t know who you are talking about, but if its @Pamito that this is aimed at, im not cool with that, and I think you should take a break for the night


thank you. I will.

We’re watching the game.

Don’t personally like women who never make any significance of their own and then scorn me.

Hey @Daze Daze,

What’s with the aggression?

I asked a reasonable question in good faith, in response to what you put out there in the thread.

I haven’t been here very long but I’m not the one who keeps getting into trouble.

Thanks for the put downs, but it’s like water off a duck’s back. Your nastiness does not have any effect.