My friend starts chemo today in Mexico

I hope to the gods that this very high risk treatment works.

It involves chemo and stem cells.

Good vibes and such are appreciated.


Definitely sending good vibes to them. Try to distract yourself and keep calm. You will be stressed today. That’s okay.

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All sorts of good juju sending her way.

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I hope it goes well. I’ll be thinking about her

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After reading your previous post about your friend seeking treatment down in Mexico, I gotta admit I was initially a little nervous for her.

For some reason, my mind went straight to some Tijuana-type situation.

But that was just me being ignorant.

Now that you’ve mentioned procedures involving stem cells of all things, this is clearly something being done in a very professional and advanced environment.

…Not even 'Murica dabbles in stem cell therapies very often.

Truth is, a lot of folks (especially Europeans) travel outside their own countries to have procedures done-- usually it’s for less-expensive plastic surgery and stuff, but sometimes it’s for life-saving procedures-- such as what your friend is about to undergo.

There are a lot of great hospitals overseas that do a lot of hardcore research, and quite frankly, are not bound by the same red tape that the States is with respect to something as controversial (and perhaps as game-changing) as stem cells.

So, in short, I am wishing your friend the best. It sounds like she will be in highly-qualified hands, and hopefully her procedures go well.


She’ll be in my thoughts today.
I know nothing about her and it doesn’t matter. All I know is she doesn’t deserve cancer.


When she told me about experimental treatment in Mexico, I imagined the same.

Fact is, you’re right,

It’s a great facility with amazing doctors.

She’s in good care.

It’s just still very risky, even under the best doctors.

Thank you.


She has advanced MS and is wheelchair bound.

At 38.


A friend’s mom died earlier this year after a long battle with MS. Towards the end she had some sort of stroke and was left almost unable to speak, let alone use her limbs properly. But she was over 60.

Your friend really was dealt a bad hand.

Sending prayers. :pray:

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I’m sending positive vibes for healing and recovery.

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