My friend's chemo and stem cells are done now

She had several brutal rounds of chemo,

Shaved her head,

Got stem cells implanted,

Now they’re just doing blood tests and waiting until she’s well enough to travel back to the states.

It’s like a hurry up and wait type situation to see if it worked.

Some people get instant results, could also take years.

I’m hoping for a miracle.

She’s my age and wheelchair bound.

I don’t think she’ll live long if this treatment doesn’t work.

And it’s a long shot.


I’m wishing her the best with recovery. I hope it’s successful and that she can come home soon.

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Thank you,

And Happy Happy Birthday!!

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Oh, thanks! :blush: I’m 30 now!

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Your thirties are great.

I’ll be 38 in a couple months and have to say I’ve enjoyed my thirties over my twenties.

It’s a different kind of fun, but it’s awesome.

Looking forward to forty too.

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