My friend is starting her experimental treatment next week. I'm very nervous

My best friend since 8th grade has MS and is undergoing experimental treatments in Mexico.

She starts chemo next week.

I’m nervous, it’s hurting my stomach to think about.

I don’t know what’s worse, it killing her or not working at all.

Trying to stay positive,

She needs those vibes.

It’s just so scary.


MS sucks, my aunt has it. Wishing all the best for your friend. Stay strong! @Charles_Foster


I wish you and them well.


I hope it turns out to be a great treatment for her. That said, I’d be totally freaked out if I were going to do research on potentially harmful treatments. Do you know what phase it’s in?


I’m not familiar with the phases,

But she’s 38 and in a wheelchair.

Just graduated medical school.

It’s just terrible.


Wow. Well let’s hope for the best.


Hugs to you friend.

I would be scared too.

Here’s a rose of hope for you and your friend.



Thanks, @Montezuma.

How you been, homie?

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Can you pm me please?

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I hope it goes well for your friend.

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I had an aunt who participated in a study for experimental treatment of bowl cancer.

She died.

I hope your friend has better luck!

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Condolences, that’s a hard disease.

I hope it helps her. Sending good llama vibes.

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You welcome homegirl.

I’m doing good!

I had to haul some heavy ass crap up to my sister’s apartment earlier today. Then she had 3 huge bags of clothes with little obnoxious notes on them I had to carry downstairs and give to my mom.

It just irritated us because she didn’t say anything about the clothes.

But I got a ride to Walmart and bought some black joggers and a graphic tee. I posted a pic of it in the selfie thread. :slight_smile:


Siblings have a special way of getting under our skin and aggravating the ■■■■ out of us.

I’m sure she appreciated the help though.

I’ll have to check out your selfie picture and see those joggers and tee!

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Haha! Yeah, my sister can really be a pain in my ass sometimes. I love her to death though.

Thank you. :blush: For some weird reason I couldn’t upload a pic of the joggers, but the tee is on the selfie thread.

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I’m sorry to hear that. It really makes me feel sad. Best of luck to her.


Wishing your friend well in her treatments, and hope you feel better soon :cherry_blossom:.

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