My friend started a new business

When I was living in Australia we have a family friend Xiyi. He is like us who immigrated to Australia as a PhD. Then he dropped his job in Uni and opened a fish n chips shop. After ten years of running a fish n chips shop Xiyi accumulated financially. Now he is doing some investment in organic agriculture in China. So we can meet up in China. I just wish there were no state ideology conflicts between China and the western world and we two families could migrate peacefully between China and Australia doing whatever business we choose.

Here are two pictures of his new farm in Sichuan.


The Chinese are amazing. Too bad they have to submit to the Chinese Communist Party.

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Yeah sad that dictatorial politic runs China. It would be nice if everyone had a resemblance of freedom. We are all born not equal but we all deserve the same opportunity to equality!

Nice looking lettuce by the way!

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I’m pretty sure that is cabbage.


haha…My leaf knowledge is found wanting again!


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