My former high school basketball teammate has been convicted

…of sodomy. He will serve 5 years to life for it. Possibly 5 years for each of the several counts. So probably around 20 years.

I never knew him that well. He joined the team late and I quit the team early.
But he was definitely a jerk, and alpha male.
I was thinking its odd bc I’m in the prison of mental illness for life, and I didn’t sodomize anyone.

I’m assuming he raped someone? Yikes.

Well, the incident was two years ago at football camp. He and his other ■■■■■■■ friends picked out some freshmen boys to go sexually terrorize with a pencil.

his defense was that it was “just a prank”.

Holy crap, what a jerk. Glad he was convicted.

It sucks, you’re right. You’re a decent person and you don’t deserve this illness. Unfortunately, it jas nothing to do with “deserve”.

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Yikes! 5-20 years for the old game, “Pencil in the crack”? Sounds like an extreme sentence to me!

Not condoning what was done, but man that’s a heavy price to pay. Was he sentenced as an adult, or a minor?

Adult. I too thought it was a bit extreme. He had his chance to have it lowered to a 3rd degree misdemeanor, if he pled guilty. That’s what three out of five of the idiots did…

So what did those 3 get for copping a plea bargain to 3rd degree misdemeanor?

2 years probation… that’s it.

Ah…the knucklehead should have plea bargained. The devil you know, etc…

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oh this is messed up

I hope he doesn’t drop the Ivory soap in the shower, or
he just may get what he deserves, lol.
Like we used to say in the 80’s: “What comes around, goes around”.
Or to quote John Lennon “Instant karma is going to get you”.

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