Coach teach me to swear like a pro

after some tutelage and much practice i was dropping f bombs and other obscenities mid sentence like a natural. thanks coach!

Professional or prostitute? :smiley:

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professional haha

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i remember in high school one of the football assistant coaches used to say, GD son, hellen keller could’ve made that block and she’s deaf and blind. he is now the head coach. and another used to yell at us to “knock their dicks in the dirt” among many other things.

my 7th grade basketball coach swore like a sailor, he was some farmboy in his 20’s, i’ve been to the town he’s from and the whole place smells like manure, he used to talk about how much he enjoyed butchering cows. and he would make fun of me for the way i wore my hats. he only lasted 2 years at the school corporation when it was found out he had sex with a student, no criminal charges because the girl was 18 at the time of the incident.

my 8th grade basketball coach used to brag about how he could beat anyone in a shite laying contest, he is now the school superintendent.

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is this typical behavior of all coaches or was it just me. i did have 3 good coaches though, they didn’t last because they didn’t have winning records.

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