My first day in Amsterdam

I walked so much I can’t move now. I was trying to upload pictures on my phone but the internet is not helping, I’ll try once I get back to Lisbon again.

I was so afraid to fly! My palms were sweaty, I has with my eyes closed and doing breathing exercises as the plane took off. During the flight it was alright, and the landing was really smooth, hardly felt it. No turbulence during the flight.

Anyway, day one and I spent the day walking in the streets of Amsterdam, went to the center, and nearby areas, just to situate myself and set my internal GPS :smile:

Tomorrow will walk more!

I’m sore! I wasn’t used to walk so much lately, my legs and feet hurt. This is good for me!

Had a great lunch, a tradicional dish that I have no idea what it’s called, basically mashed potatoes with vegetables, a sausage and a meatball. Was delicious.

I probably won’t be doing daily reports, just to let everyone know I landed safely :smile:

Have a great day/rest of day everyone!



Have fun @Minnii! Are you travelling alone? I can’t wait to see the photos.

Mr Turtle and I had planned a trip to Amsterdam, Paris, and Utrecht last year but we had to cancel because my psychosis came back. We will get over there one day!


Make sure you do come here, it’s a beautiful place to be. A bit expensive, but worth it.

I’m with my mom here, we both needed the break.

My psychosis was flaring up a bit yesterday with the airplane ride. Today is cool, no symptoms. :slight_smile:

Thank you @anon84763962


I’m afraid of flying. I never used to be, but recently, within the past year, I have developed a fear of flying. It isn’t good because I can’t avoid flying with all my family and friends living interstate!

Have fun Minnii :green_heart:

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I love to fly. Takeoff is my favorite part. I love how the acceleration pushes you into your seat. I’m a little bit of a speed junkie. :slight_smile: Enjoy your travels. How long are you there?

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Ahaha, may I borrow some of that?

Seven days. :slight_smile:

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Nooo I forgot to wish you good luck. I hate flying, especially the take-off. I always get sweaty palms too. Hope you enjoy your stay in Amsterdam! :smile:


I noticed you forgooootttttt !!! :smile:

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Take lots of pictures. It will probably be the closest I’ll ever get to Amsterdam or Europe for that matter. I’m going to miss reading your positive post of the day! Have a great time!


Oh I’m in Amsterdam already! I have internet in the hotel and I’ll keep posting the positive messages of the day :smile: I have time to kill in the morning before breakfast is served :slight_smile:

I will take pictures :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry :sob:


Since you’re sobbing, you’re forgiven. :smile:


for those afraid of flying i have another option. for viewing amsterdam. and other places.
also its on a budget, and you wont get mugged,


Do people live in those boats in the canals? I like that there are so many bicycles. I have never been in Amsterdam, but this was the least expensive visit to any major European city.

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Amsterdam looks great. I got invited to a stag party there 10 years ago but I was ill at the time and the debauched hedonism 20 young men would participate in was too much.

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There are some boat houses yes :slight_smile: All the houses seem beautiful. It sure looks like a great place to live, @flybottle is lucky :slight_smile:

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I would love to go to any city in the Netherlands especially the Hague because my dad was born there and so its a place of my roots. Also Groningen where my family surname (Steenhuis) originates.
Lucky you Minnii! Enjoy your time there! :slight_smile:


Thank you Saadiqah :slight_smile:

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