My fiance is going through stuff and I don't know what to do


Jason, my fiance is getting admitted to the psych hospital. He’s been having a hard time. He’s bipolar with psychotic features so that’s been getting bad along with the ■■■■ happening in his life. He’s applying for insurance and food stamps and SSD because they said he could work and stopped all of his services.

I don’t know what to do for him. I love him with all that I am and hate to see him suffer. :partly_sunny:


let the docs take over and work and trust… be supportive, love and be compassionate


Just be calm and supportive. Remember it’s not your fault or the fault of your partner. Education can be beneficial to understand symptoms and behavior. If someone is delusional you end up being in those delusions no matter what so don’t take anything to heart till they are better. Usually with medication!



Oh, I just read your name and realized who you were. Sorry. But that still might be a good place to chat.


No worries. Thanks though because I forgot about that forum. I’m not usually on that side of the fence. So how the heck are you? :sun_with_face:


Mostly freaking out about how I’m going to afford my meds. I think I have to go on a lower dose just so I can afford them.

Other than that I’m alright.

Sorry to hear about your fiance. That’s really rough. I hope they’re able to help him and he does well in the hospital. It can be scary the first time if things don’t go right.


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