My experience on Rexulti so far

I’ve been on Rexulti for about 16 days, I started at 1mg for a week, then 2mg for a week, and now im two days into 3mgs. I feel great honestly. I havent felt this human in a long time. My paranoia is completely gone, my hallucinations are a lot less bothersome (although still there), and no thoughts about harming myself anymore. I think the most noticeable change has been that i dont sleep all day anymore. Before starting rexulti, i was sleeping 16 hours at a time every day.

the only side effects ive experienced so far is interrupted sleep at night and some impulsive thoughts about doing reckless things… especially when im driving. i think im going to ask my psych if i can stay at 3mg becuase it seems to be working rather well for me so far.

also, no weight gain so far!


I might try it. I haven’t had a med change in years.

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Yay! that’s great to hear that you are doing well, for the most part, on the rexulti. Sounds like a good med. I’d try it, but I am pretty stable on vraylar. The two meds work similarly.

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is what you’re taking now not working?

My meds aren’t working as good as they used to and my nurse practitioner wants to change my med.

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do you have any TD (Tardive dyskinesia) experience ? I hope not but if yes how do you manage it? please share.

I’m sorry, I don’t have any experience with that. TD seems like a very rough thing to go through, I hope i never experience it.

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Thank you for your reply. I hope you never get TD and get better soon.

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