My drinking and sobriety years

well from age 19-24, i was probably an alcoholic, binge drinking multiple times a week, then i got tired of drinking and decided i wanted to get away from it and eat healthy. so from 25-28 i ate organic, worked out, and avoided alcohol. then when i moved back home, i started drinking wine again, from age 28-30, about 2 bottles a week. but these last 6 years i haven’t done much drinking unless i hang out with my brother who can be a bad influence on me but it’s not his fault. fortunately i only see him at the most once a year.

im noticing tremendous cognitive improvements in memory from no longer binge drinking, im able to remember conversations now, and what i had to eat during a day, and i can recall things im reading about, unlike before. my memory may not be above average like it was when i was a kid, but its at least normal even for a normie. alcohol kind of ran it’s course for me, i never had withdrawals from it, and never got into liqour, mostly i would just drink beer or wine, but i don’t get much satisfaction from it anymore and my go to relaxation aid is a cigarette nowadays, although i hope to quit that too, down to 6 cigarettes a day and im determined not to buy anymore so i have more money for books, and furniture, and freakin plants for around my house haha.


i havent completely eliminated drinking yet, but rarely buy the stuff, i would say i have a glass of wine about twice a month with a meal. i feel nothing from it.

i did fall back into drinking for a brief spell during the early stages of lockdown in march. i bought a couple boxes of white wine from the grocery store and drank for a couple weeks when i was staying inside all day. that lasted about 2 weeks,

i kind of want to stop drinking all together, but i don’t have the will power to turn down a free glass of wine over at mom and dads. at first i corrupted them, now the tables have been turned and they corrupt me. that’s why i cant say i don’t have a date for my last day of drinking. like 5 years sober or something, for example.

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I stopped drinking regular beer and traded it in for light beer(2,5%) which makes a huge difference as I hardly can feel the effects of drinking that, but it gives me just enough to relax a little bit.

I have also noticed a cognitive improvement after switching. I will try to stick to the light beer although I will probably drink regular alcohol on rare occasions like a celebration or party, but that only happens a couple of times a year in my life, which is fine by the way.

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yeah i guess what i struggle with is, is it ok to drink responsibly? or should i try to avoid it altogether given my history? i would just have to learn to say no when offered.

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I’d say cut it out entirely if you’ve been an alcoholic or binge drink. It’s easy to just think you’re gonna have a few, harder to do in reality.
I have to not drink at all because I can’t stop and a couple drinks with friends turns into a 2 week bender


When I stopped smoking, I not only stopped all the things I didn’t like about smoking, but also I stopped the things I did like about smoking. For example, I liked having something in my hands and mouth. To compensate, I put straws in my mouth for a long time after I stopped smoking.


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