My Dr. calls it "paranoia"

Anybody here have the sensation that they can read other people’s mind’s?

I’ve had the feeling that I’d better hide what I think because people can read my mind. I don’t read other people’s minds.

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To the point that what seems to be the thoughts of other people run through my mind.

Even in the voice of the person seemingly thinking in my damn head.

They are not really the thoughts of other people. I don’t know what they are but they are not really other people’s thoughts.

This is what I’ve experienced anyway.

If its a problem then it probably is paranoia…people arent reading your mind like many think they are… Occasionally someone might pick up on something, same thought…that’s synchronicity and explained by Carl Jung, the psychologist. On a quantum level, orbs are able to pick up small portions of thought energy and transfer them to another, completely random at times, or at times if you are in sync with someone. Other times God gives you thoughts. And yet other times demons will inject thought trying to scare you that people are reading your mind… but its a deception.

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My biggest problem now is the opposite. Whenever I leave the house I feel like my mind is leaking my thoughts and everyone can read them. It’s a horrible feeling. Your mind should be the one thing that you have all to yourself.


i never thought that i could read other people’s minds but i thought that they could read mine for years. not anymore though. now i believe that they are splinters of my own personality, just with different voices to my own is all. noone can read your mind. it’s just a symptom of an illness is all.

I mostly read other people’s mind’s, which is hell, but, I sometimes feel like other’s can read my mind too, which is scary.

I realize that it is all just symptoms of an illness. But, realizing it doesn’t stop the symptoms from happening.

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I don’t directly. But aliens tell me they can totally be inside of people’s minds, and read them. So it seems info in others’ brains through that “grapevine” is possible. But whenever I start thinking in that direction (that I’d like to know what someone’s thinking, and I’d like an alien to help me) I get a feeling of “no-no” from the aliens, so I stop. It’s just so tempting sometimes, lol.

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wish god would give me some thoughts emporer, but he seems to have abandoned me but worse than that, my kids. does god really not give a ■■■■?

I can’t read minds in an accurate way, but what happens is I feel the emotions of other people and get vibes from people. It can be a problem because it can get bad enough it’s like a person can take over my mind with theirs. It really pisses me off when that happens…I feel violated.

as sz we are more highly tuned to peoples nuances…therefore we see more…in facial expressions…body language…and feelings…
of course saying that we can misinterpret these ’ nuances '…
take care

p.s. of course in my training i mastered the ’ jedi mind trick '…lol

Most people think that reading other people’s minds would be great fun. It is not. Not for me anyway. Because when I read people’s minds, all I read are bad, evil thoughts. And, of course, they are all about me. And I can’t stop the thoughts from coming at me. So, it is pure torture. I don’t hear the thoughts. I sense them. Like a sixth sense or something. I just “know”. And, of course, sometimes I can sense that other people can read my mind too. It is like they are reading me like an open book. And there is nowhere to hide. If I can run, I do. But, unfortunately, I’m not always in a position to be able to do so. That was my life when I was young. Suffering. Nowadays, quite a few years older, I stay in my house most of the time, and avoid people as much as I can, and this works to prevent paranoia more.

No, I’ve wondered if people can read mine, however.

You are just experiencing typical symptoms. I suggest taking medication.

Oh, I’ve been taking boatloads of meds for years.

Sometimes I think I can tell what other people are thinking by reading very subtle body language they give off. I don’t know how accurate this is.

i can read their minds and predict things. I feel i have supernatural powers sometimes