My doctor still thinks I'm

depressed even though I tell him I am content and happy with no sadness. He bases his faulty opinion on my poor motivation to get necessary things done like housework. My former (great) pdoc would not have come to such a faulty conclusion. My present pdoc is young. Only 47.


Poor motivation is a sign of depression,

Is he trying to make you take additional medication for the depression?

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Poor motivation is also a negative symptom of sz/sza. I hate it when people try to tell me how I’m feeling.

It could also just be lack of motivation, it doesn’t have to fall under MI.

I sweep and rinse dishes when I use them…I take out the trash. Angie does the laundry and cooking usually…she just made a delicious pasta salad. back to the subject…not much gets done around here and I am perfectly stable.

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No he’s not making me take more AD’s. But he did try ordering a light box which made me hypomanic.

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My psychiatrist chooses to downplay or dismiss my negative symptoms.
She chalks it up to depression as well.

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That’s just it. No, he’s not.

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