My dna screening results

Going to get by B vitamin blood levels checked as a result.

I had bloodwork done recently and tested as having “low normal” vitamin b levels, so my doctor recommended taking a vitamin but I was already taking a daily b complex vitamin. O.o

Also adding on that my genetic screening thing I did said I had a mutation that should give me excess vitamin B. Nope. What’s in our genes isn’t always what’s expressed.

Low average for vitamin d here.

All my blood levels came back normal

Where was that from @NutsAboutU ?



I did 23andme. It was worth it.

I get really bad ADHD symptoms unless I take folic acid 400ug daily. Started taking it about a year ago and my focus and concentration levels greatly increased within an hour of taking the first dose.

The dna results were delivered yesterday.

@NutsAboutU I had a look shame it didn’t have option to transfer raw data from23andMe etc.