My delusions real but your delusions are not true

Am I the only one that believes there beliefs/delusions are real and other peoples are delusions from the disease? If you understand what I mean.


Yes sure. :crazy_face:


I’m not sure. I think of certain things I’ve experienced as delusions sometimes. It’s easier to go on with life thinking it couldn’t have been true. There are some major cornerstones to the experiences which I can’t pretend didn’t happen… meh.

So basically I feel most of my experiences really did happen. I can empathise with those who describe things they are experiencing (as delusions). But some of the delusions here, just sound like delusions.

I feel the same way. The thinks that have happened to me are so convincing and impossible to just disregard. But every body keeps on telling me its only in my head. At the same time I have recognized that there are a lot of people on this site that have had the same experience. Which makes it hard to justify your own delusions, but I still do.

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I feel the same way. We had a psychiatrist come to my house and he diagnosed me based on my past history but he didn’t actually talk to me. My NP thinks I’m sza but my boyfriend sure doesn’t. He wants me to see a psychiatrist he picked out and is paying him 5000 so that I’ll be diagnosed as fine. This sure does confuse me and makes me wonder if the things I’m paranoid about are true. Everyone on this website tells me they are not and so does my family. I know I had command hallucinations to kill myself so this makes me think I could be sza since this is a part of it. What do you think?

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I don’t know, but command hallucinations sounds pretty serious thing to have.

One person in particular really triggered me because their case was so similar. I couldn’t join in her thread. I both sympathised and argued against the logic given to her. It’s a tough one. But it helps to see the logical arguments because at least it makes my experiences less likely…

I hadn’t heard this term before, but it makes sense in terms of my experience. I get signals and influences to behave certain ways. Im not diagnosed sz, but bipolar.

Wish all the best to you.

lol yea… but i can get bogged up in other people their delusions too. It’s why it’s dangerous for me to read too much about people their delusions cause they can find a way into my brain where i take some of it over and it gets tangled up in my own delusions


It’s absolutely amazing how so very real everything is ND how there’s so many things that go along with it or are just to hard to ignore that makes you think. I know this is real, that was very concrete. Then as you pull yourself out of phycosis, your still left traumatized basically from the events and responses from yourself and others. So while your trying to convince yourself slowly it’s not real while putting on your best ‘normal’ game face, your trying not to react to those events and ect. I don’t if this makes sense lol sounded better in my thoughts. My point is there just so many little but big diffrent factors to the levels of disability in this illness and many different heartbreaks and healing aspects that place. It’s not easy. Not at all. I’m not sure where I’m headed with this, just had a hard night. They were loud and especially hurtful. Take care everyone. :heart:

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Sure, that kinda works in my favor.

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I have delusions too, i think the police and fbi is tracking me down and people are out to get me. I cant go out in public.

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