My day...ugg

So it started off at 6:30 this morning I woke, I swore I saw a man (possibly resembling my grandfather) standing in the corner of my bedroom. As my mind woke up I realized it couldn’t be my grandpa, he is being restrained to a bed in the hospital in Chicago (because he keeps trying to pull out his feeding tubes, and getting up and falling when he’s not supposed to be getting up.

He hit his head real bad which is why he was back in the hospital. Now some point in time when they had to place the feeding tube back inside of him, someone somewhere messed up and there’s something inside of him that they’re trying to get to pass, because they want to do some kind of surgery to heal whatever it is broken. Yet, they can’t because with that thing inside of him it can cause infection…well anyway that’s not what this post is about. It’s about waking up swearing a man in was the corner of my bedroom (away from the window so it couldn’t been a reflection…)

My next thought was my dad must be sleepwalking again (something he’s known to do). I got up and flicked the light on only to find out I was alone in the bedroom. I was freaking out because I thought maybe it was my grandpa’s ghost or something kept waiting for a phone call from my uncle or the hospital saying he had passed, but fortunately no such call came today. That stressful moment taken care off…I’m sleeping mom says I should get up because they decided to go to the mall today.

Many consider going to the mall fun, many are wrong. My mom suffer’s from Chrones disorder, which means she has problems getting to the bathroom in time. She was headed for a bathroom, only to find out it was locked, and she couldn’t find my dad because he went off getting what he needed…my mom has a cell phone but my dad doesn’t. I didn’t know exactly where dad went either, mom had said to wait by the entrance until she came back. Eventually she came back saying we had to get going so she could get home and take care of herself. Dad was getting himself a suit, which he needs for whenever we’re called up for the funeral services for my grandfather. He also needs it in case anything happens to his own mother who is also 89, but she’s in much better health than my grandfather is and we’re not so worried about her right now.

So I’m running around the mall trying to find my dad, not sure exactly the direction he went. I eventually flag him down and we head back home so mom can clean up and whatnot. All and all my own trip to the mall wasn’t bad, nothing dramatic happened to me, I even managed to walk through half the mall without anyone bothering me too bad. Some people looked at me, but I was looking at everyone around me just to get an idea of where everyone around me was. I almost missed a step on the escalator going downstairs but didn’t fall.

We get home, mom cleans up, we sit and relax and watch a movie then go out to dinner. Dinner was nice, it was cooked fine, the place wasn’t too crowded. Half way through dinner my anxiety levels really started to spark. I was twitching my arm and I thought to avoid a panic attack to focus on particular thing, which was a little nick on the salt container until I was able to calm myself before getting all worked up into an anxiety attack. I don’t know what bothered, me I guess I had too much activity today or something. I’m home now and am starting to relax…

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I think it’s called hypnogogic hallucinations. I can wake up sometimes and have up to several people in the room to tentacles coming down from the ceiling. I live alone so when it happens I’m often screaming running for the light switch in a total stupor first thing in the morning. By the time I turn around and have some sensibility returned their gone.

Anyway I hope you and yours see some improvements very soon.

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I am prone to having hypnopompic and hypnagogic hallucinations - you know the kind where you start hallucinating upon falling asleep or waking up - I get some pretty freaky type ones - they say it is ‘normal’ to have them, but I think it is pretty common among the MI population

you are not alone…hang in there…same things happen to me…stuff hanging from the cieling…people in the room…and it continues

Today was a much better day. I didn’t have any visual hallucinations that I’m aware of. I went to Target today and helped my mom pick out a new non-contract phone, and found both the hunger games and Hunger Games catching fire on DVD and bought them for myself. I then went down the block a bit to an electronics store and was looking for a new kindle fire, but neither store I went to had one, and I didn’t want to leave empty handed. I decided to buy myself a new iPod touch instead. My old kindle works just fine. My ipod classic is fine but I’ve been wanting a touch for a long time now. I’m just trying to get used to it, as it’s changed a lot since I had one last (several years ago now). I just wanted to buy myself a nice little luxury item, something I don’t often get to do but had the chance today so I took it. No panic attacks, but I’m ready to stay home the next few days and relax in my pj’s playing around with my new toy.