My day today

Today my step-dad picked me up to visit my moms resting place and place fresh flowers there. We both spent a few minutes alone by her grave saying our own private prayers while the other person stood away at a distance. My poor mom. She had a tough life. But I heard from a lot of people after her death who knew her and they said such great,positive things about her. It made me happy and proud to hear it. Anyway, we were at the cemetery for half an hour than we left.

Afterward we went out to lunch. Than my step-dad drove me back to my house. I stopped by the store to get something to drink and when the cashier was ringing up my soda, I glanced outside. There’s this middle-aged man who works there who I see all the time. Well I looked out and he was outside in a fight with a homeless man I’ve seen around. They were seriously going at it. The cashier was winning and he had the homeless man on the ground trying to subdue him. The homeless guy wiggled out of it and got up and they went at it some more until the homeless guy just finally gave up and walked away.

Anyway the whole fight lasted about a minute and a half. Most fights are like that, they’re over pretty quickly. My house is right there and I think I’m going to be a little more careful and aware when I’m walking around there. Anyway, afterward I went to my group and drove through McDonald’s. I got home and rested about 30 minutes and then went right back out to meet a guy at McDonald for dinner. Came home, and watched the Oscars on TV with my neighbors. Oh, yeah, I petted the cat.

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Your little story sounded that it could have been from some modern American movie.

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