Paying respect to my mom

Today I visited my moms grave with my step-dad. It was sad, It’s still hard to believe she’s really gone, it doesn’t sink in all. the way. But the place she is buried at is a nice place; quiet and landscaped nicely and it is very peaceful. My step-dad brought flowers and we stood and reminisced about my mom and her life and how she touched so many people positively in her life. I hope when I die that people can say the same thing about me.

My step-dad asked for a moment alone in front of her grave site so he could say some private words to her. It was a cool thing to do and I was impressed. So I walked a short distance away and I gave him his privacy and then he asked if I wanted a moment to do the same thing. I just went back and I said a private prayer silently in my head and then he came back and we both stood there as he said the Lords Prayer which I have said a million times in AA, CA, and NA meetings. After we were finished we walked back to the car and drove away. Then we searched for a restaurant and had lunch.

As the Beatles would say, it was “A Day in the Life”.


take care :alien:

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very touching… I will also say a prayer for your mom as well as everyone I love and miss