Honoring my mom

She passed recently as some of you know (thanks again for the support guys and gals). I’m thinking of her and trying to picture her days when she was happy and vibrant and full of life. It pains me think of my mother in her last days. She had health problems her whole life but she was a fighter. She was very brave. Anyway I’ll write more later. I see my sisters in a couple of days and I will talk more about it with them. I’m not doing so bad all the time. This morning I went to the bank, did my laundry, and took a walk. I came home to my little room and called my companies office and I go back to work in a month or sooner. I’m looking forward to it. Those garbage cans won’t empty themselves and those rugs won’t vacuum themselves.


Please accept my sincere condolences. Happy to hear you’re not doing so bad all the time.


Thank you very much.

i only have admiration for you :trophy:
take care :alien:

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