My daughter has been granted e.s.a

in england at the moment everyone on sickness benefits is being reassessed/ the government is trying to save money so is cracking down on disability payments. my daughter went for her assessment and passed it. am so happy for her. so she now gets 125 quid a week to live on. now she can relax and concentrate on getting better. once she is, she’s going to do an apprenticeship in building and programming computers.


i am happy for you and your daughter.
take care

thats awesome :slight_smile:

is she mentally ill or are you?
and is she getting more or less every week?

she has chronic fatigue syndrome and instead of 113.00 quid a fortnight, she is now getting 125.00 quid a week. she is so relieved that she passed the assessment and so am i because i can’t afford to keep both her and her boyfriend who stays over almost every night. they eat me out of house and home and my water bill has gone up to 60 quid a month so now she has more money she can pay a little more rent i think. i’m just happy that there is no pressure on her to find a job until she’s ready. xxx

That`s great! Here in the states, everyones food cards have been cut back. TNot possible to live on $111 per month for food. And there was just a news item about acouple that were millionaires and were getting government assistance. Sheesh

I’m so happy for you and your daughter. I’m up for reassessment next year. I hope I can stay on too, as it’s the only way for me to go to college. It’s also the only way for me to see a psychiatrist and a therapist and get medication.