My dad's generation 😳

I am not sure if I like my generation better but my dad’s generation is one of the worst.
He was born in 1950 with 3 brothers and 2 sisters.

Yesterday we were talking about my uncle who died when I was 10 or 12. I do not remember.
But someone in the family told me the story that he had caught an eagle and he put the eagle in freezer for death as he was in taxidermy. I mean he apparently put the eagle in a freezer so the beautiful creature dies from cold so he can just make a beautiful dead frozen animal.

Growing up we had so many dead animals in the house. A swan, a monkey, sea turtle, a squirrel, woodpecker, and lots of birds. My dad was a hunter too and now my other uncle is a deep sea diver, he brings lots of fish.

I do not want to eat any animals or use any animals for my entertainment.

Am I wrong to think like this? Maybe the older generation was tougher, realistic ?

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I bet that sea turtle tasted good :p. Actually thinking about make me sad, I like sea turtles. I have a plushy sea turtle and I might be my fav stuffed animal.

As for eating meat, I think there are benefits to eating meat but there are a lot that feel as you do. I’d say eat what you want :slight_smile:

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I am glad you have a plushy sea turtle :joy: :flushed:

yeah this whole meat eating does not reason with me. I buy everything faux and they taste the same and is cheaper.

It is not really eat whatever you want. I do not agree. I would like to eat human flesh, is that alright? It is not really different than eating a monkey as a lot of cultures do.

Something is off between 1900 - to 2000 the logic of survival and life and what is right in my opinion is clashing for me.

I really hope you don’t get involved with human meat, that can be a slippery slope


I feel bad eating beef and pork but I still do occasionally. I don’t mind eating chicken and fish, in fact I love catching fish and eating them but I do so conservatively taking home only good eating fish not ones that are too small or the big female breeders


I still eat animals but only when I really have to. Usually I choose fish as the worst case, I love eating fish too and sushi. It is not okay though in my opinion. If I was deserted on some island, I’d die with my skills and reasoning and even knowledge. Maybe we are living in the best transitioning era :smiley:

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I think it’s fair to eat animals that would eat me as long as they’re not endangered, like alligator or bear, it’s only fair

I think a fish would eat me if it was big enough

Definitely a transition era. Many more people are becoming vegetarian or vegan nowadays

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I’ve had hunters in my family too, going up a few generations. I have taken to fishing instead, but lately I’ve been releasing all the fish I catch back into water.


Hey, Moonwalker, I hate to disagree but in FL they eat alligators and in Alaska most bear meat is actually wasted cuz people only want the pelts and most don’t like the taste of predator flesh. I think there is a huge disconnect with most people about where their food comes from nowadays. Most people no longer actually kill their meat products and have no idea how to process a carcass anymore. People waste 40% (in U.S.) of all food. I have no problems with people that don’t eat meat…I just wish all types of food wouldn’t be wasted. I eat squirrel and rabbit a lot that I snared, but I don’t hunt moose or caribou simply cuz I have no storage capacity for that much meat…but I’ll eat it if someone gives me some.


Each generation changes, back it the day it was expected that the man of the house brought home the food, money was tight and they did whatever they had to feed their families, much has changed since 1950, on a bright note though I think the baby boomers were the last generation to experience total freedom in many area’s. Generations now will spend a lot of money just keeping their info safe and will be so restricted in many area’s

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yeah a lot of women still want and like that.
For the man to be the provider so they raise children.
I think it is nice but should be completely optional for the woman to choose what she wants.

My mom was a nurse and when they got married she quit her job, my dad made her quit so she stays home.
I would like it too, if I had 3 -4 kids. I love big families and some things I do not like about my dad’s generation and this generation. so :joy:

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Your dad is in my brothers age range, and not to far from mine. They didn’t have Walmarts nor 7-11s, nor Cora’s. You couldn’t just go to a store any day of the week-especially not weekends, or any time of the day or night.
Not available.
We’ve come a long ways in the food industry, my grandmother raised chickens for the eggs, and occasional dinners. My cousins also do the same, they have no problems up in Oregon eating what they kill, and they waste nothing.
I’m on the fence.
I’ll eat meat, but if your going to wait for me to kill it first, your going to starve to death unless you pull up a bunch of dandelions to eat.
Animals you kill are not like pets, you never name something your going to eat.
If I can’t buy my meat already pretty and packaged up ready to eat, think I’d turn vegetarian…as long as I didn’t have to grow my veggies before I could get a burger out of them.

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i quit eating meat a couple months back, and also quite healthier and i can tell a huge difference in my overwell being. i also get a little more upset and crabby, sick feeling, if i eat some unhealthy junk.
i enjoy making myself vegan meals though, and it’s super rewarding when it tastes AMAZING and ur like wow that wasn’t expected


I don’t eat much meat because I can’t afford it at the price of it these days, maybe it’s a good thing after all, because I’m healthier this way.

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My grandpa did stuff like that. He was born in the 1921. Its shocking some of the stuff he did when I think back to it. But even as a child in the 1980’s it was a different time than now.

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My dad was born in 1932, his dad was born in 1894, the times now would no longer be recognizable to either one of them. My dad’s generation, the boys stayed with their moms until they were old enough to shoot a gun, then they went with their dad.
My dad always carried a pocket knife with him, in fact, it was required of the boys when he was in grade school, how do you think they sharpened their pencils?
Try that nowadays…
In high school, if the boy’s had a problem with someone, they used their fists only, outside, and one on one. The other boys would gather around not just to watch, but to make sure it was a fair fight, and once someone went down, the fight ended. Then they’d shake each others hand, and all would be good, no further retaliations, no interventions needed.
Sometimes I think the old ways were so much better because people delt with things directly rather than being back-biting manipulating little Bee-at-chez.
Technology may have made life easier, but not in my opinion better.

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LOL, my bf carries a knife. But its for work. My mom used to work for the state of NY and they took her knife away. She was scared of the dark parking garages.

Girls fight so differently than boys, lol.

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Girls are much more vicious than guys when fighting. Guys have more strength, girls just tear you up.