How do i delete my old account

How do i delete my old account and all that i wrote wen i was delusuinal ive just relised anyone can see my delusional posts all my family or friends have to do is type in my email in the search engine and see a picture of me and all my past posts… i would like them deleted… i cant get into my account to even delete my picture…

i wasnt doing really good through some of this as well at my lowest points in my life i was homeless abused etc and id really like it deleted… im not even close to that person anymore but i dont want this in a search engine…

really? ya scared me there for a second. I just googled my email address and didn’t get anything related to this site.

You can not delete your account, once you are paranoid sz you will be that for the rest of the life and the same seems to be with these sz accounts. :smile:

yes well i think it depends wich search engine try firefox cause it didnt come up with some search engines but it does with others

even if i could get in there and delete my picture would be a bonus and maybe my email…

No one can access your account unless you give your password to the person. Search engines can show your facebook , google+ or LinkedIn profiles only if you have set them public. I hope this will help.

past post everything was on dispay my picture as well… amnnd i didnt relise at the time it was being broadcasted…

nope nothing…

I know that I’ve searched for post content before and has come up before which I am not enthused about exactly…but even searching my username just brings up info on the shellfish and not me.

it wasnt the username but the email address i typed in to see what came up… and there was this from from like 5 years ago

wats ur email addy and ill look to see if anything comes up 4 you

Nah I’d rather not do that…I did search for my email using multiple engines and more than one browser and got nothing related though…maybe it can come up and if this is the case this should be looked into and hopefully remedied if possible as Sz diagnoses are some very sensitive information in this world.

If you can remember the password, log in your account and delete the stuff. If you cannot recall your password, jusr go to ‘Forget your password’ option and after following the instructions you should be able to access your previous account.

I think the old forum is read only. You can’t log in to make any changes. I have a ton of old messages there that I’d personally like to see vanish. I would imagine that the old forum will be taken down some day but I don’t know when.

I thank my lucky stars that I didn’t find this site when I was at my worst. I just scribbled in my notebooks non-stop.

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There must be some way [ it should be ]. I guess Admin can give a better insight…I am interested to know further about it. There should be a way to make such a request.

Can’t you just delete your postings if you not like these, you do not need to delete the account.

For this site, I try very hard not to post when my wheels are coming off. But the few times I do, I have been very thankful for the ability to hit the delete button with in a 48 hour period.

There have been a few post of mine that make me cringe when I get myself back to level.

i mean my dad or mum can look at this if they so wanted… if it wasnt linked to my email i would care but u type my email in and there it all is how embarrassing they shouldf put it under this wen people here are paranoid enough with out making it worse…

I tried logging in but it didn’t work. I think that when I quit the old forum that I changed my email to something made up and put in a random assortment of characters for the password. I never planned on going back.

In any case, I don’t think anything can be changed. @SzAdmin might be able to offer you a solution but I don’t know.

The good thing is that if these posts are 5 years old and people haven’t read them yet then they probably won’t now.

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