My current problems

I need to go to a dentist. It has been years and a couple of my teeth don’t hurt but feel funny. It might have gotten better but if I hold my mouth open too long I want to vomit because my throat is constricted. My pdoc won’t prescribe medication for it until I see an ENT and get an endoscopy. I have no one who can take me and they require you to be driven. It’ll be too hot soon to go to the ENT because I’m heat/light sensitive and some days I’m too psychotic to do it.

My apartment is a dust bowl. My back goes out when I clean for too long. I worry management will kick me out. I can’t afford to pay anyone to clean it. I am out of shape for sitting in my chair all day from depression.

I worry with world depression coming my money will be cut off. I can’t be homeless, I’m just too damn weary.

Those are my problems and they aren’t too bad. I’m going to discuss them with people. I’m going to exercise so my back can be stronger.

I never had kids because I couldn’t deal with providing for them.

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got a friend on Facebook who thinks America might collapse
and there not be another general election
in 2024.

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