My computer has been hacked. Would I be on the hook if

I’m pretty sure my computer has been hacked, and I’m pretty sure I know who is doing it. It’s the same guy who is trying to take my $1200.00 stimulus check. If he did something like download offensive or criminal pornography on my computer would I be culpable for it? What if he ran up a huge line of credit? Could he do that? How much damage could he do?

My credit card companies are helpful to me when I get compromised elsewhere.


Its rare nowdays to get hacked because good free Anitivirus’s like BitDefender exist. Just put a password on your PC.

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How do you know your computer is being hacked?

I used to think that during my prodromal days. If you have a good antivirus you generally don’t have to worry. Or if you’re on a Mac.

I used to perceive every little graphical glitch as “tells” that the hacker was “in” my computer. But in hindsight it was nothing.

I often have to fight to get my cursor to do what I want it to do. I try to move it one way, and it goes the other way. I’ll try to move off a site and my cursor will be unresponsive. I click the mouse and hold it down and try to move the cursor, and it still won’t move.

That could be a problem with the drivers, or a harddware problem with the mouse itself. Or maybe the cord is starting to break?

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Ive been hacked, like legit being stalked and hacked with all the weird stuff happening. I believe my accounts are under watch aswell.

Anyways i used combofix and it helped, tho they just rehacked my comp afterwards lol. First id check if your mouse needs a cleaning however. Or maybe its dying and you need a new one.

I think I might see if I can get an old computer fixed. It was sturdier than the one I have now.

I’ll talk to my older brother about it. He’s a computer whiz.

Sounds like a problem with the mouse. If your computer was hacked, the person doing the hacking wouldn’t reveal themselves like that. As long as you have good antivirus software, you are fine. Just run a security sweep and see if it finds anything.


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