Hackers these days

I received an email saying my phone had been hacked, and that if I didn’t pay money, they would release my pictures plus videos of me they’d taken.

Hey. If someone sees my shitty memes and a few videos of me using my camera as a mirror, it’s not the end of the world. Lol.
Installed an antivirus now.

Hackers these days, so little creativity.
Whatever happened to the good old days with “we are marblecake”?


My parents got the same thing on their laptops they told the hackers to F off.

I’d be screwed if they hacked me lmfao.

I get fake call, that they are going to arrest me for not paying taxes, 3 in a day, LOL I doubt they would call if they had plans to arrest so I can escape, they would just show up at the door.

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I also keep getting calls from someone with a certain asian accent, claiming to be from “Microsoft tech support” lol


I get the Microsoft calls too

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I got an email from a shady looking fake Bank of America page asking me to enter my information to proceed. It didn’t seem right so i called the 800 number and asked them and they said no, it’s a scam. So i didn’t get my information stolen that day.


I was so mad a few months ago. A hacker stole my daughter’s Google account and shut down her phone. Google was no help and we had to make a while new account with a new phone.

Yeah, I’m really worried about them putting the hundreds of pictures I take of my cat and that I’ve put online, online again.

I’m worried more about them looking into the porn I look at. More worried on their behalf than mine. It’s some sick stuff there.

Anyway, it’s probably a fake email or something. Don’t respond to them.

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Haha funny yes poor them their eyes can not unsee what they will see

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