My colleague part 2

Something tells me I need to be careful of her now. A few days ago I walked into the office and the manager told her to tell me something. She didn’t. I asked her later and she said it was only about the clinic that I had to write the code on the form. But I don’t even do those clinics. She let the manager think I prepared that clinic so the mistake was mine. A few days later I told the manager I’ve never prepared that clinic and needed to learn while the colleague was away.

I hate when people don’t own up to mistakes. We are human. WE MAKE MISTAKES.


Yeah and some folk are slimy. Not a bad thing to have your guard up!

Work is work. You be nice and you keep the peace but it doesn’t mean you want to move in with them or be besties! Do what you’ve got to do girl and keep those cards close to your chest!

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Yeah I’ve seen office assholes. Good job handling it professionally. Keep your guard up!


It’s a shame. She’s gone cold on me since I asked the manager that I needed to learn while she was away. Maybe it’s because she let the manager think the mistake was mine god knows !

Who knows what conversations are had whilst you not there. Just be nice and professional and do what you’ve got to do. Many folk are worried you’ll replace them. That is a real concern especially if your younger and competant. Just be you and be nice…win them around and ask them for advice if you need it just to stroke their ego!

Human politic is interesting but it’s something you learn about!


I don’t…


Lol :smiley: fghgdfgdfgdfg

My boss likes to dump stuff on me at the last minute then be surprised if I’m making random small errors for no reason. :woman_shrugging: Office assholes, amiright? I am sorry you’re dealing with that, though. Some people are so ridiculous.


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