What’s a good comeback

She’s always picking on another colleague and said she’s not always there. I’ve told her I think the other colleague is a bit vulnerable. But she says there is no way she’s vulnerable as she’s having an affair and tells everybody in the office about her sex life. It’s so hard to get away from this colleague.

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Tell them they are nasty piece of work and ask them why they are so angry all the time.

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It’s probably not her I’m getting angry by the day I’m so irritable. Maybe I need a break.

If you don’t like it, I recommend standing up for yourself and saying it. Workplaces often make us feel like we have to be accepting even of things we don’t like, but it’s my opinion that we need to stand up for what we really think about things if they aren’t work oriented and we disagree.

Just tell her the bathroom needs cleaned that’s why she’s never there, pipes and all

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