My co-workers are wary of me at work because they know I have schizophrenia

I feel so sad because somehow my co-workers found out that I have a mental illness. Key indicators of how I know they know are questions such as “Are you sick?”, or “I have a friend who has a mental illness”. The mental health clinic of whom assisted me in getting employment at my current job must have told a select few of my co-workers about my schizophrenia.

This knowledge/rumor/gossip about me is affecting my relationship with colleagues. What makes matters worse is that my mental health clinic and the human resources department at work collaborated to disclose my mental health issue.

I feel as though I cannot continue to work at my job because this revelation gives my colleagues & co-workers an unfair advantage over me.


Perhaps they are not aware that you have Schizophrenia. Maybe they have been told you have depression or anxiety.

I think you worry needlessly.

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I recently quit a job, as I was off for 3 months and they knew I had mental illness.

It kinda sucked as I loved being a data analyst as it was a cool job.

Now I’ll settle being a self employed Landscaper, as it gives me some flexibility, and the State will support me (Kind of) if I have a rough patch

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My co-workers have been told something about me or else why would they (my colleagues) ask such questions or make such statements.

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Are you sure this is true?

You could be paranoid.

But you seem pretty together most of the time, so I’ll pretend it’s true.

I’d start looking for other work.

Every time my boss/co-workers found out about my diagnosis I lost my job within months over ■■■■■■■■.

They just wanted me gone.

I’d freshen up that resume and find another job.

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I am considering quitting this job because now I am at a disadvantage when gossip, rumors and the whatnot corporate banter is at play.

Being self employed eliminates all that.

Can you do your work free lance?

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Like I said, your colleagues may have been told you suffer from depression or anxiety and they are genuinely curious and interested in your health and wellbeing.

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Well, the job head hunter at my mental health clinic did say to me that she has worked with the human resources head at my job before. They both have worked together on people with mental illnesses in the past.

I have never considered his possibility. I will have to look into what kind of freelance work I’d be interested in.

I would agree with your statement as the my mental health clinic has a record of me being physically violent in the past. So I assume the mental health clinic is taking precautions.

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Being self employed is so cool

I have loads of stuff I have ‘charged to the business’ - like my M1 iMac :grin:

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I agree with @Joker.

Working freelance is a great idea.

It comes with it’s own set of problems,

But working for yourself is a special kind of freedom.

I think if you can, you should.

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I had a counselor who was gay. I liked him very much.

We went out to eat once. I said the people in the restaurant know I’m with a gay guy, and they don’t have to think I’m gay.

He said the restaurant people may not know what schizophrenia is, but they know you are somehow off, Jayster, and it doesn’t mean they think I’m somehow off, too.

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We’ll see how my career unfolds because as of right now I am distressed that my colleagues now know something about me of which I would like to keep confidetial.

Homosexual people aren’t known to be dangerous compared to a schizophrenic who is in a psychotic state.

I’m sorry that happened and I know how it feels.

Can you talk to HR and figure out what went wrong?

They’re really not allowed to do this.

Not in the US, anyway.

How does it work in China?

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they wouldn’t have done that,
the health clinic tell your coworkers,
but maybe they found out about
you getting hired thru the health clinic
and put two and two together.

are others working there
hired thru help of health clinic?

I have and have not told my co-workers
on jobs, and usually got a good response.
just depends if it’s a secret,
they’ll rumor even more,
but they can’t harass you over it.
or at least, not in the U.S.
you could have their asses fired.

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The stigma of schizophrenia is the same whether a schizophrenic works in China or the USA. We schizophrenics are considered “crazy”.

I am currently working somewhere in the west coast of North America. I will honestly say that the healthcare system in North America is by far way better than that of China.

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Well, the fact is that my co-workers do know. I agree that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put 2 + 2 together to equal 4.

Other mentally people may be working at my current job but then again I don’t know since who openly discloses their mental health condition.

My preference to keep my mental health issue private is to avoid distracting my co-workers because as of right now, they are wary of me. I have not been harassed over my mental illness but I have been questioned about it.