My Christmas

Oh how lonely will i feel
This christmas cause im sinlgle
Going out to walk aroud the christmas tree
Looking for a friendly face to mingle

Oh another internet friend tweets
Finaly i can pretend
I have something sencible to do
But all i care about this christmas
Are sweets.


I’m so sorry @anon62371846 you are so pretty I doubt if you will always be single? I wish you a Merry Christmas and I’m proud of you for trying.


Thank you.
Merry Christmas to you too.

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Jukebox took the words right out of my mouth. A woman as good looking as you doesn’t have to remain alone. Get out and mingle. You’ll find someone.


I spent several Christmas exzz alone due to delusions and paranoia .

I made nice food for me myself and I :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:and went by myself to the beach I think.


Maybe you can join a dating site if that is what you want.


Hi zilija sup…?? What are u upto…??? Merry xmas to u sister …!!! Take care and have a lovely day …!!! U are my sweet friend… I am going to take a Nap …U enjoy ur life and spent quality time with ur boyfriend…hahaha u are clever too and i like it …!!!


@anon62371846 I’m sorry you’re alone this year. Do you have family you can be with?

Yes my mother. I got her a present.

Well at least you have her this year. Have you thought about online dating to meet someone?

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Dating…i sighed right now.

A minute ago i thought…sometimes its better to be totally single.

Yes i had a date 2 months ago on a dating site. Hard to say. I would like him if he wasnt him. I like the shell. He would be perfect.

Now he is texting me. Appearently he likes me. But i dont like older guys. He is 10 older than me.

I dont underestand why guys like women who dont like them? Why cant he sence that i dont like him?

I had to tell him that i dont like him enough…that i dont have strong feelings for a relationship. He said we will see if we will have a relationship. Like my opinion means nothing to him. Weird.

I’ll be alone this xmas too, I know that doesn’t help much but you’re not alone in being alone :slight_smile:

i hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year. i honestly don’t think you are going to be alone forever.

i’m celebrating christmas with my partner and her family this year which is scary because i don’t know if they even really want me here besides my partner she wants me here.

Maybe he’s a little desperate. But not every guy is.

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I’m single too and I’m glad that I am. There’s a lot of advantages to being single !

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That made me laugh ! :joy:

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lol @zeno . single this year too.

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