My cat is acting so weird

She doesn’t try to get outside. She has been sleeping most of the day. She won’t jump up on the chairs like usual. She just slowly walks around and lies down on the blanket.
She has a heart murmur but usually she’s super active, fighting with the dog and playing in her boxes. She did none of that today. I hope she perks up soon.


I’m sure she’s fine,

We all have off days.

She’ll perk up soon.

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If she’s like that she may not feel well. It sounds like she needs to see the vet.

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Is she an old cat

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She has perked up a bit this morning

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She is quite young

Hope she gets better
I would phone the vet

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My girl Bella is back to normal. Tearing around the house. Fighting with Cleo. I’m so glad that she is okay.


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