Bella is crying and crying

She is wandering the house crying so loudly and sadly. She’s breaking my heart. I don’t know what is wrong. She doesn’t seem to have pain. The last few days she’s been sneezing a lot. I wish I knew how to help her. My poor baby. :broken_heart:

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I’m sorry @FatMama but is Bella your cat or dog, I get confused.

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Ahh Bella is your lovely cat.
I remember now.

Maybe she is feeling under the weather.

I would keep a close eye on her and maybe take her to the vet later on if she doesn’t get better.


She doesn’t seem in pain. I’m hoping maybe she’s just looking for the kids.

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Yeah that can be it too.

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Finally she’s cuddling


I wouldn’t take any chances, I would take her to the vet. And I say this because when I had my cat Milo several years ago he started occasionally wheezing. I thought he was just coughing up hairballs. I felt bad for him and I was worried because he started doing it more and more but he would only do it for a minute and then be alright. But finally I took him to the vet and it turns out he had asthma. Just like Bella, he didn’t seem to be in any pain but the poor guy’s whole body would practically convulse. So the vet prescribed medication. Bella may have some underlying, undiagnosed condition that you are not aware of. I guess it’s a judgement call if you want to wait or how long you want to wait about taking her in.


I’m kind of worried but with $1600 to cover my dental surgery this month I’m pretty much broke. I’m hoping it’s just her missing the kids.


She is in pain.

She needs to go to the vet.

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