My carpal tunnel

My carpal tunnel is starting to get bad, I noticed it started acting up yesterday and this morning I woke up way early from pain in my right wrist and my thumb, pointer, and middle fingers with that feeling of painful numbness. So I dug out my carpal tunnel brace my doctor gave me a few years ago and I’m gonna see if that helps if not off to the doctor I go… Ugh my grandma had to have surgery for hers way back in the day

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I see a doctor tomorrow for my carpal tunnel I should be able to see a specialist soon hopefully it’s painful to take the brace off and I’m waking up in pain every morning since I’m not supposed to sleep in my brace… I hope they can do something… I’m not sure if I want the surgery since that seems pretty scary but maybe I can go back to physical therapy again… We’ll see


Went to the doctor today… He took a look and moved my wrist around as much as I could tolerate (not much at all) and said I’m gonna have a surgeon call you and set up an appointment with them and he explained I’m more than likely gonna need surgery due to how bad my carpal tunnel has gotten… He said a lot of the time they can do that in the office of the surgeon and it will be simple I’m not sure about it being in office but I’m not scared. I’ve also had migraines lately and so he said he would give me a really strong anti-inflammatory that should help lessen the hand/wrist pain and the migraines for two weeks then it’s back to OTC Tylenol and ibuprofen (he don’t give out pain med prescriptions) hope this all ends up okay

I’m sorry. That really sucks. But hopefully you feel much better afterwards

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@ZmaGal thanks I hope so too but we’ll see

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