So I have carpal tunnel

Yep I have carpel tunnel in both hands l now I have to wear my braces on both hands as long as possible each day

Oh man. Both hands?! You have really bad luck! I hope it improves soon

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Isn’t there physiotherapy for it?

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@ZmaGal yeah I know right

@Aziz I’ve been in physical therapy while I was pregnant in 2018

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If it helped maybe it could help now.

@Aziz my doc says since it came back it’s unlikely it would help again besides my right hand I can hardly use without a brace

That’s rough. I knew a girl who was an emergency room nurse who got carpal tunnel, and it made her lose her job.

If you have good insurance, push for surgery. It’s a simple procedure and will eliminate it 100%. I had cubital tunnel in both elbows (same condition, except in the elbow instead of wrist), and surgery was the way to go. They strung me out with physical therapy, braces, meds, etc., until I put my foot down. That was for the first elbow. When the second elbow blew out, I told the doctor very clearly I just wanted the surgery and to get on with it. Saved me a lot of hassle.

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@crimby I’m sorry to hear about your friend ish person… at least I don’t work… I just crochet all day and volunteer at the humane society
Ps I went to the humane society yesterday and helped with the cats for an hour

@anon40540444 I’m sure at least one needs surgery… I wonder where the scar will be

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