My brother Justin at age 14 abused my very young daughter even though my mother was supposedly watching my kids while I worked

Well, cat’s out of the bag.

I even promised Beth I wouldn’t.

I posted something stupid, ignore

I often see him with his own young daughter

and wonder

what it be like if she was?

That’s horrible, daze! I’m so sorry that happened. Keep an eye on him.

yeah. My parents… no sex education, strict, verbal righteousness.

I should have known when he was laying my mother’s underwear out on his bed.

She didn’t even tell me until about 3 years ago

imagine carrying that for so long

I wondered why at young age she wanted to get into tae kwon do

She did tell me right away

she was locked in a unisex bathroom

and told to touch and suck on a young kid’s ■■■■■

she was about 9 years old

well thank God for transgender and rights for everyone, go blow it to high heaven

she told me that was worse than Justin

but I’m not sure, family is constant reminder

I knew the kid and it was all ok, relatively at the low income apartments

his mother came to me, The school thinks my son is no good, do you think so?

I didn’t at the time, and wanted to help her out

the young man by now is probably in prison

I know I posted partially my life story on here, the other thread,

the priests did the same, made the young boys play cards naked

I hate to confuse, but I think it’s all targeting