Raising kids

My father told me his parents gave him a key at age 12

So he wouldn’t wake the household up when he came home after midnight

My older cousins took my 13 year old sister to see American pie

And I was at my grandparents calling their mother to express my disdain

Gpa had family over
And they all looked at me like I was from left field

My girl cousins had sex in high school in their own bedrooms
And their mother didn’t care

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I went into the theater and raised holy h-ell too

I got the policy changed at jungle bungle here

My kids 6 years old

The place music all top 40 sex music

Now they only play Disney

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My daughter in middle school

I went into every dance and grilled the dj

If he was including Christian songs

The media

Take a look at this star’s kids

They’re all grown up

Their age?

9 years old

My daughter during first time online age 12

Stars popular site spoof all turned sexual

I oversaw and had a fit my daughter and her friends viewed it

She never forgave me

But if you Google me at the time

I paid

I let my daughter make out with her boyfriend down in the basement

But absolutely no sex Beth