My biggest problem

There is this pattern in my mind where I second guess myself. I don’t know what is real. I get a feeling of sadness I don’t understand from this. I think this is because I’ve seen things that may not be real so I don’t get what’s going on.

I wish I could tell somebody this that could understand and help but I don’t have anyway to contact my doctor besides the one time I’m lucky enough to see her once every three or four months.

Our problem is our ambition, that is probably impossible, but our mind go through this, neither we told someone about this nor we work hard to achieve it, so according to this ambition our mind suffer.

I don’t know which hallucination types you have. I have auditory and tactile. So if I see something I know that it is true. For the parts that you hallucinate logic is usually a good indicator if you still have it. Which I say because if I am having delusions then using logic become extremely difficult to disbelieve the hallucinations. So if I have having a auditory hallucination like I hear people talking to me when I’m driving down the road and no one else is in the car I know that isn’t real. Some are harder to reason out then others though.