Am I delusional

I don’t hear them much anymore, but I have several “voices” that live in my head in little circles. Although I don’t hear them they are still there watching and judging what I do and occasionally will react by shaking their head or tisking. I don’t hear them but I know what they are thinking almost telepathically. Now I know that those voices don’t belong to real people. I know that those voices are generated by my brain.

Now here’s the part I want to know if it’s delusional. I believe that those different voices are aspects of my personality that for some reason I don’t otherwise acknowledge. I believe that they are my subconscious mind trying to tell me something. If I get to the bottom of what they are talking about they will quiet down. I have other voices that are just voices but these core voices I’m talking about that are always there I don’t think of them as hallucinations. Is that delusional?


I’ve been getting in the same argument loop with my primary malevolent voice for days. I’m trying to react differently to the voice to see what helps, ignoring it is best but it’s difficult. When I mention it to others they usually say maybe it’s a part of yourself you’re ignoring.

However I’ve been on a spiritual quest to fix and acknowledge these things and sadly the voices have not been brought to heel as a result. I do however think that, at least in my case as a sza, that mood affects what the voices say and that if I can get a gosh darn anti depressant prescibed to me, they’ll go back to being nice like the last time I was on one. Gotta get the okay from my psychiatrist first though.

I really wish we knew how this thing worked /kicksSchizophrenia


lol I’m kicking schizophrenia too. I just lived with them so long thinking they were part of me I find it hard to see them as hallucinations. But maybe I need to. Maybe that’s all they are. Not something to listen to but something to completely ignore. They are pretty negative and judgemental. I could do without all that. Hmmm. I’m thinking now…

It’s a process to get the voices to be nice to you. For me, what helped was writing down a lot of what they said and did. Then dividing it into lists of what I thought was possible and what was them messing with me. Maybe it helps because it creates am understanding of what you are willing to interact with.

The previous weeks I wrote down 12 pages of voices. This week I have written down 6 pages. It helps. It’s like theater of the absurd or like dadaist poems. Random and nonsense. Sometimes very intelligent

That’s about it, yeah. How are you @Om_Sadasiva. Still having delusions?

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I have a small delusion that Captain Beefheart’s mustache is intertwined with my brain neurons and grows every time I hear his song hair pie, bake 1. I have disorganized behaviour and speech lately. You?

I also have voices in my head and write down what they say - mostly Alien 's abuse. Sometimes I also think telepathically Alien’s thoughts before he speaks but they are not mine but his.

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