My big red barn is falling apart!

some of the wood is falling off, their is termite damage, and wasps nesting in the rafters. some critter got in there and opened up a bag of cat litter the previous owner left behind in there. i rarely go in there, dad uses it as storage mostly.

in the future dad was talking about getting rid of my trailer and building a pole barn house for me, because he thinks that will be more valuable. i kinda like my trailer, but wouldn’t mind a pole barn house.

if i go back to work i can maybe replace my barn myself, with a pole barn i would turn into a woodworking shop. and maybe work out in there. but the day that happens wont be for a decade at least.


because the county building code has changed, if i do ever build a house here, i only have 90 days to get a structure up. because i don’t have 300 foot of road frontage, i have like 250 feet. or something like that.

i can still build a house, because there was an existing property here before they changed the code.

it’s a nice lot, with river views, but out of the flood plain, and also a creek behind the house with about an acre and a half of yard.

my house is the cheapest in the neighborhood haha.

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i also have a wheel chair ramp that goes up to my back door and back porch. the previous owners wife was in a wheelchair before she died, and he put it in. im thinking of getting rid of it and screening in my back porch so i can sit and listen to the birds without having to deal with the bugs and spiders.


Sounds like you got a really nice situation there. I wish I had had that kind of setup for my son. He might still be with me.

Leave it to me to feel guilty one way or the other.

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