My aunt said she'd buy me

Some wool so I can make her somethings. Then she turned around to my mum , laughed , and said it will pass my time.

She has no intention of paying me. She just wants to buy me wool so I can make her things. In return I get to pass time making her things.

No thanks.


Maybe I’m wrong to be annoyed I don’t know. She just wants to buy cheap yarn so I can make her stuff for free which would be cheaper than buying from the shops.

Sounds a smart operator but no drama. Just don’t do it.

Still. Not bad doing things and if your on disability it’s not a bad thing. Keep busy doing things and having lo cost access to source material isn’t a bad thing.

Honestly. I volunteered my labor to a cricket club for 18 plus years and they shafted me. I wouldn’t hesitate to help out someone from the family…

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