My art collage where I had hallucinations and seemingly a 6th sense a8out gender


Is this also about biological sex?

8lack hole star
This is

8lack hole star

I live in Laguna hills right 8y you.

This all doesn’t make any sense to me

Why are you likening women to black holes and male with positive? Interesting choices

I see the sun as feminine because it is life-giving

Typically the sun is seen as masculine but the earth is seen as feminine . Not black holes…. Also the moon is feminine.

In Japan Amaterasu is the sun god she’s a woman making the sun feminine

But your right-in the west the sun is masculine

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I identify as a black hole sun
Won’t you come
And wash away the raaaiiinnn :notes:


Yeah I kept thinking of that song do you remember when that video came out?

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No I don’t lol I remember the song coming out I think

The video is good it’s a bunch of little Barbie dolls melting in the Sun

The grunge scene is super polemical lol


Grunge is one of my favorites for sure, probably because I’m a 90s kid


A satire of which to trust, your right or left hand.

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