I think Luna is God

I think the moon opened up my mind and helped me see things only she could have known.


The moon, so beautiful

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I love the moon.

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The cat from Sailor Moon?

No. I never heard of Sailor Moon. I just mean Earth’s moon.


Here’s a poem I wrote years ago -


I fight the. moon
but to no.advantage
She has me caught by the heel
All she asks of me
is that I constanly be under
her influence of ebb and flow.
I am just a puppet of a hero.
Better it seems I should let her
pick me up and rock me

(something like that )d

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I took an astronomy course in college. that was eye opening. We’re so unbelievably tiny!

Could you elaborate or will that get us booted?

I like it.
Years ago I wrote a very angry poem called Hiya, Moon - come a little closer and it suggested it land on Earth and end life. It ended "Our time is up, like the dinosaur age. Come down to us and print the next page.

No, I can’t really elaborate because it was such a simple revelation.

That’s not at all like you tonight. What changed?

What’s not at all like me?

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